Hiscox PRO-II EF Electric Guitar Case
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Hiscox PRO-II EF Electric Guitar Case

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Designed to keep your instrument totally safe and secure while traveling the Hiscox STD-EF is designed for Fender style guitars. Suitable for a wide range of guitars, this case is rugged, well balanced and well padded.  


Whether you're just starting out and need to travel to lessons, gigging at small clubs or crossing continents on tour you need to protect your guitar. A bag might be light but offers little protection.


Guitar repairers the world over are inundated with broken guitar necks, chipped bodies and crushed controls, these repairs can be expensive and even simple work quickly adds up. Dont take the risk, get yourself a solid, hardwearing case thats designed to fit your axe.


Information on the differences between our STD, PRO2, and ARTIST ranges, please click here


  • Incredibly Tough Hard Case
  • Crushed velour interior
  • Suitable for 90% of the electric guitar market which is similar in size and shape to Fender style instruments.
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Industrial quality fixtures and fittings
  • Polyurethane interior insulating foam, UNIQUE to Hiscox Cases
  • Aluminium Valance - Unique to Hiscox strength and resistance around the entire rim
  • Each case is handmade in the UK by our team, with a unique serial number that can be tracked back to point of origin


Length 1022mm 40 1/4"
Lower Bout  324mm  12 3/4"
Upper Bout  279mm  11"
Body Length  457mm  18"
Body Depth  51mm  2"
Empty Weight  4.07kg  8.97 lbs

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