In 1968 Antoine Bohdjalian went ahead and opened the GUITAR CENTRE in the back streets of Langley, near Slough in Berkshire. Back then, the shop was so small that every time there was a delivery of a couple of guitars or amplifiers (the biggest amplifier then was the Vox AC30) the whole shop had to be rearranged to accommodate them! The shop has been extended many times since.

Customers started pouring in from the word go, and today it is one of the most established Musical Instruments businesses in the country. When anyone asks Antoine to what does he attribute his success of his business to, he usually replies "it must be the ample parking that does it; people can literally park on our doorstep. That is why we have seen so many competitors come and go over the years" but a considerable number of our customers and friends would express a whole list of interesting answers as to why; eg. "They have a friendly, non-pressurized personal manner that just makes you feel relaxed."


A family business, described as Aladdin's cave with irresistible treasures,' is very easily accessible from London and the West of the country, being very near the M4 motorway at exit 5. People from the North, South or even abroad, disappointed with the big non-personal shops, once they experience our understanding and understated approach add their name to our 'regular customer' list. It's almost like a club.

A browse through our website will show you a selection of our range of equipment but please do not hesitate to phone us for any further information on anything. If you prefer old fashioned attention, you are welcome to call in, even if it is for a chat and a cup of coffee.
We'd love to see you.