Ashdown Original C115T-300 Kickback Bass Combo
Ashdown Original C115T-300 Kickback Bass Combo
Ashdown Original C115T-300 Kickback Bass Combo
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Ashdown Original C115T-300 Kickback Bass Combo

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In 2021, we unveiled the OriginAL C115T-300, a combo that redefines bass amplification by proving that you can cut the weight without sacrificing the tone. Inspired by the iconic Flip Top design, this combo features a meticulously crafted 15" custom speaker that unleashes 300 watts of pure Ashdown bass excellence. What's truly remarkable is that it achieves all this while weighing just 15kg, making it the antidote to the heavy and cumbersome bass equipment of the past. 

Tonal sculpting is a breeze, thanks to the comprehensive 5-band EQ. Whether you're chasing booming lows, rich mids, or crystalline highs, this combo empowers you to fine-tune your sound with precision. But it doesn't stop there – the front-facing FX loop and XLR DI output bring modern convenience to your fingertips.

Late-night practice sessions are no problem with the built-in headphone out, ensuring you can refine your skills in silence. And when it comes to positioning, its kickback design offers the flexibility to use it as a floor monitor or in the standard vertical setup. 

What sets the OriginAL apart is its seamless blend of power, lightweight construction, exceptional sound quality, and player-friendly features. Its rugged build, scuff-proof paint, and quality control pots ensure it's built to withstand the rigours of the road, and it comes with a 5-year warranty. For global touring musicians, it even offers auto-protect voltage and an adaptive temperature-controlled fan for both road and studio use. 

In summary, the OriginAL C115T-300 is the embodiment of modern bass amplification. It's not just a piece of equipment; it's a game-changer that proves you can indeed cut the weight without sacrificing the tone. Explore the perfect balance of power and portability with the OriginAL C115T-300.


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