Xvive Classic Rock Overdrive Pedal - Used
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Xvive Classic Rock Overdrive Pedal - Used

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An overdrive pedal that goes against the grain, Xvive’s Classic Rock drive pedal scoops the bucketloads of mids that classic rock traditionalists associate with that particular musical genre. The move works in the Classic Rock’s favor, though, as it delivers everything from smooth driven tones at mid-gain settings all the way up to screaming solo sustains when cranked up, all while retaining excellent dynamic response. A Tone control knob lets you adjust the highs in your signal to dial in just the right amount of brightness.

●Scooped mid-distortion effect pedal
●Round and smooth overdrive tone
●Wide gain range
●Excellent dynamic response
●Simple, easy-to-use design
●100% Analog design with True Bypass circuitry
●Original XVIVE tone
●Micro pedal package – very small and compact
●Durable all-metal housing

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