Fuzzrocious Demon King Effects Pedal
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Fuzzrocious Demon King Effects Pedal

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The Demon King is the “king sized” version of our Demon, a low to medium-high gain drive with distortion-like capabilities. With the gate/boost mod, it jumps into the gated fuzz range! The Demon King can do the “just on the verge of breakup” thing at low drive settings or a pushed amp sound at higher drive settings.



VOLUME – makes the output of the circuit louder or quieter.


TONE – moves from bass to treble when turned clockwise. There is a general low mids presence in most tone settings with little to no bass loss.


DRIVE – moves from a little to no drive/gain to medium-high drive/gain when turned clockwise.


FEEDBACK – connects to the feedback footswitch to control the feeding back of the circuit’s signal into itself to let you makes lots of noise.

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