Fender Vaporizer Valve Combo Slate Blue - Used
Fender Vaporizer Valve Combo Slate Blue - Used
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Fender Vaporizer Valve Combo Slate Blue - Used

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This amp is used and is in excellent condition.


Fender's Vaporizer amp evokes the 1950s-'60s age of the Space Race, when the atom-age world became enthralled with spaceflight and spacecraft. When the wild flights of fancy it launched permeated culture everywhere from film and television to cars, guitars, appliances and more--everything was bright, colourful and flashy. Garage bands blasted off with guitar music, and legions of musicians who couldn't swing pro gear bashed away on department-store guitars and amps.

The Vaporizer amp blasts you like a ray gun back to that exciting era. Affordable and out of this world, it would've been right at home aboard a Mercury capsule and down in the backyard fallout shelter. It would've been stumbled on decades later in some pawn shop corner by an unconventional guitarist with an ear for the distinctive and an eye for the stylish. It's the Fender Vaporizer. Stand back!



Footswitch included.

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